École d’été 2021 de l’IBTN – le réseau international pour les essais comportementaux – Date limite 15 février 2021

* L’édition 2021 de l’École d’été de l’ITBN sera offerte en anglais. Certaines informations ci-dessous sont donc uniquement présentées en anglais.

  • Call for Applications – Deadline February 15
  • Call for Satellite Leads – Deadline February 15

The 2021 IBTN Summer School is an academic program held over 5 days, from May 17 to 21, exploring how to breakthrough current obstacles in behavioural trial methodologies and expand the reach, capacity, and impact of trials in the field of behavioural medicine.

Due to the continued concerns around COVID-19, the event will be organized in a “Hub and Satellite” format. This will involve a required central core of events and lectures that all participants attend online (the “Hub”). Then, to manage sessions across various time zones, region-based group events will be held (the “Satellites”). The primary content will be delivered by international experts during the hub sessions and small group projects and presentation work will be conducted during the satellite sessions, with a maximum of 6 individuals per group.

Working with internationally renowned experts in innovative clinical trials, behavioural intervention development, and patient-oriented research, students will attend virtual courses and will learn about developing effective behavioural interventions and conducting high-quality trials.

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