New Therapies Targeting Angiogenesis in Hypertensive Pregnancies and Fetal Programming of Diseases

Dr. Bertagnolli’s research is focused on unraveling novel mechanisms causing placental angiogenesis dysfunction and fetal cardiac remodeling in hypertensive pregnancies. Her recent works investigate new therapies tackling a maternal « anti-angiogenic » state in preeclampsia, with an extended potential to prevent heart diseases in children. Her laboratory performs bench-to-clinic experiments using a genetic mice model of preeclampsia and a patient-derived placental unit. Given that this mice model also triggers adverse heart changes in babies, mainly in females, her project will also investigate sex-based mechanisms relevant in the fetal programming of diseases. Her studies are expected to contribute to better understand angiogenesis disruption in hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, also accelerating the discovery of new therapies to prevent heart diseases in mother and children. Grant $298,020