What machine learning can teach us: overlap or not between Insomnia, Sleep Apnea and Sleep Bruxism

Axe neurophysiologie CIUSSS NIM

Cibele Dal Fabbro, PhD

Graduated in dentistry 30 years ago in Sao Paulo (Brazil), my professional life was dedicated to clinics and research in sleep bruxism and sleep apnea, a field very new in the nineties. The first paper about sleep bruxism that I read in 1992, the year I started the master program really interested me. It was a paper from Drs Gilles Lavigne and Jacques Montplaisir, from Montreal, a group that really pushed the field, and I would say, opened the field in dentistry. I went to Montreal to do a fellowship with this group in 2002, between my master and PhD programs. Nowadays I am currently the Dental Sleep Medicine Coordinator at the Sleep Institute in Sao Paulo, and since January 2020, I am also a researcher at the Research Center of CIUSSS NIM & CHUM, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Université de Montréal.