From genes to behaviour: investigating circadian dysfonction in youth with autism

Axe neurophysiologie

Rackeb Tesfaye, doctorant, Université McGill

Rackeb Tesfaye is currently a PhD student in the Integrated Neuroscience Program at McGill University. In 2017, she completed her Master’s degree in Psychiatry at the Douglas Mental Health Institute, where she examined the impact of poor sleep on theory of mind and peer relationships in typical development and in youth with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. For her PhD, Rackeb transitioned to the Montreal Neurological Institute under the supervision of Dr. Mayada Elsabbagh, where she currently investigates genetic risk factors associated with elevated sleep disturbance in youth with autism. She also applies longitudinal modelling approaches to examine the impact of early childhood sleep problems on executive functioning development in school aged children with autism.

Rackeb’s talk will give an overview on the interplay between sleep and executive functioning in autism, along with insights on genetic contributions that may underlie elevated sleep problems and circadian rhythm dysfunction found across the autism lifespan. 

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