Félicitations à Johannes Frasnelli, Rémi Goupil et Kim Lavoie et Simon L. Bacon pour l’obtention de subventions des IRSC

8 octobre 2020

Johannes Frasnelli – Chemosensation in Parkinson’s disease: Trigeminal sensitivity as a potential marker (Subvention Projet)

Rémi Goupil – Redefining blood pressure: How novel views of the arterial tree can lead to better cardiovascular risk stratification (Subvention Projet)

Kim Lavoie et Simon Bacon – DecreAsing sedentary behaviour and inCreasing physical acTIvity fOr healthy ageing (ACTION) study (Subventions Projet)

Kim Lavoie et Simon Bacon – Are e-cigarettes really a healthy alternative to combustible cigarettes? Cardiorespiratory, immune and thrombotic responses to smoking e-cigarettes vs combustible cigarettes under conditions of physical and mental stress (Subvention de catalyseur : Effets du vapotage sur la santé)

Kim Lavoie, Simon Bacon et Annick Gauthier – Improving physician competency in communication skills for behavior change counselling: The validation of a new digital assessment tool (Subvention Projet)

Simon Bacon et Kim Lavoie – A behavioural science approach to evaluate the prevalence and predictors of COVID-19-related mental health issues and maladaptive behavioural coping (MBC) to inform the development of strategies for tailored interventions (Subvention fonctionnement)